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You have come to a very special place to get great stock ideas, guidance and a wonderful community of other traders helping each other!


My name is Mitch King and I am one of your moderators in's Trading Room where we specialize in stock trading where we do intraday (day trading) transactions with the goal of making 1-3% profit per transaction. We have top notch traders both as moderators and successful traders (TSA staff) as well as other traders using our service that you could interact with.


We have full-time traders supporting the trading room and all of us are constantly scanning the market throughout the day for high probability stock ideas.  There just aren't many places where you can get high quality ideas with a very repeatable trading technique at a low cost of $249.95 a month.


If you have your first two hours of the trading day available you could have a wildly profitable lifestyle and go about your business throughout the rest of the day and do something else.


We recommend you first learn and practice these techniques that we use and we suggest to practice for 90 days in a virtual practice account (Think or Swim, TradeStation, Ninja Trader and many others) before you use your real money!


Come and join us and we are looking forward to working with you! Come on in and we will show you great ideas to make some money!


Mitch King



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