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Dear Fellow Investor,

  If you watched the video above, you already know the offer we're making. We think it's so good, most people have probably skipped right over this part of the page to go straight to the checkout.

Hey, that's GREAT!

They know a good offer when they see it, and they probably don't need to know anything more.

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But if you're like me, you want to know the full details of what you're getting no matter what the price - even if it IS free.

"Trade With The Pros"
(when the odds are heavily in your favor!)

That's what the entire product is about, and that's what I'm here today to talk about.

Not just in a BULL market either. This is about teaching you how to make money in the stock market under any market conditions—whether stocks are going UP or DOWN!  We traders and investors have a common desire. We want to have confidence in EVERY trade and get for maximum profit from each trade we can get, and if we can increase the effectiveness of all our trades ... well, that's what "Trade With The Pros" is all about.

To make money, you need to have the right strategies. 

The right Strategies + high probability stock ideas + Execution Timing= MONEY.
So how do we get the most out of Strategies, Stock Ideas, Timing, and Execution so that we can get the MOST PROFIT out of every trade, and TRADE WITH CONFIDENCE?

            That's what we ALL want to know, right?

Where do you get your trading strategies from now? 

"They're rock stars, no question. It's a lot easier to follow someone that knows what they're doing."

"It works, no question, and they've got the results to prove it."

"I think it's good. If you want to make money, jump on it!"

"He's put in a lot of effort and a lot of work, and you can really tell it's done to help other folks."

"Their compassion to teach everybody here is really fantastic."

The truth is sound and proprietary TRADING STRATEGIES are few and far between.

And there's a whole mess of people who follow the TV analysts every day to get their stock ideas.

They listen to these analysts who don’t know how to trade, when to buy or when to sell.  Because the analysts are paid salary + bonus by their employers.  They don’t have to be right, they are safe in their cubicles writing reports.

Yeah, there are probably a kajillion other STOCK TRADING courses out there, some WAY more expensive than "Trade With The Pros" - some possibly even cheaper.

    But what is the QUALITY of that information? What is its SOURCE? What is the PEDIGREE of their stock trading knowledge?

Here's a good test - ask yourself, does the author actually USE what they teach and have actually made money from the strategies they teach? More likely than not, they don't. They make their money by selling copied and repeated information WITHOUT testing their methods, validating them, or in some cases even using them in any way at all.

Why can you TRUST that we KNOW

In case the title didn't give it away, "Trade With The Pros" about real live traders and the secrets they use every day to make money. Actually, it all started with my first trading experience over 18 years ago.".

When I first started trading stocks, I didn’t have a method or system- it was a mix of buying stock picks from newspapers (no internet then), analysts picks on TV, tips from other stock brokers (yes, I was a stockbroker) or trial and error strategies.
I didn’t start off with much money at first . . .  I learned how to make a little money and my account went from $3500 to $10,000, then back and forth a few times between $5,000 and $15,000 as I learned how to trade stocks.

  Then something happened.
I really figured out how to trade stocks using this ONE technique that I developed.  My account went over $100,000 and my account balance really started accelerating, going to $200k, $300k, $400k and so on.  I even made a deal with my wife, that for each $100,000 in gains that I get to go to a restaurant of my choice as a reward for myself (usually Ruth Chris Steakhouse, booth 106).

But my gains were becoming so rapid that we skipped quite a few dinners.

At that time my account went exponential and changed my life and changed how I looked at stock trading.

And all of this was from buying and selling stocks using just ONE of my stock trading techniques

I continued to master the one technique that made me millions (which a friend called BULLSHORTS) and hone my skills while my accounts grew into multi-millions.
Click here for PROOF!

Over the years my father kept insisting that the stock market conditions will change and that I need a broader scope.  (My father has been a financial advisor since 1947 and still actively manages his mutual fund holdings).

I initially discounted his comments when I was having days with profits such as $146,400 and $225,700 back to back in March of 2000
(see my yellow legal pad notes HERE).

As usual, I eventually took his advice so I started to develop, test, and trade other trading models because I knew that I needed a variety of tools in my bag to be a complete investor and trader.

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These are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee or to suggest that you will obtain similar results; this person has had additional training.

In the golfing world, it would be like I was good at driving the ball and hitting irons but bad at putting.

Over the years many have come to me asked for personal training in how to trade stocks. I will call them Apprentices. The response to my training was very rewarding.

Guess what? Some of those Apprentices made Tens of Thousands of dollars on THEIR own too and a few made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Watch this video of one Apprentice:

We knew that there were VAST AMOUNTS of people out there - more than I could teach on my own, so that's when I decided to produce Trade With The Pros.

The point is, you can learn to trade. And with "Trade With The Pros", you will gain the knowledge you need to put the odds in your favor.   We have REAL, Stock Market trading experience. That's where we make our money — Trading Stocks.

So if you're going to trust someone when it comes to Stock Trading Strategies......

What’s in "Trade With The Pros" and What’s it Going to Teach Me?

This course is all about how to make money in stocks and it is the real deal — not just some boring theory! These are the same valuable secrets that are taught in our expensive 2 day seminars and you can get it for FREE!

We're not hiding ANYTHING here – NOTHING is held back, below is the Exact Table of Contents in Trade With The Pros.

Disc #1

  • Introduction to Stocks
  • Order Screens–Long and Short
  • Small Profits During Day
    You will also get practical advice on how to approach stocks, your emotions (worse enemy) and the kind of thoughts you should be having when trading or investing.

    Disc #2

  • More Longs
  • Scalping Short
  • More Shorts
  • Real-Time Trading Examples
    You will get the exact step-by-step instructions how to look for an opportunity to profit (“set-up”) and where you should be buying and selling in all techniques. This is in scalping, swing trading and longer term buy and hold positions.

    Disc #3

  • Managing Multiple Positions
  • Swing Trading
  • Intermediate and Long-term Techniques
  • ETFs
    Once you learn the fundamental aspects or reading charts, you can apply the technique to any technique from daytrading, swing trading, longer term positions that last for months and even ETFs (exchange traded funds).

    Short version: You win!

    So How Much Does It Cost?

    You can buy "Trade With The Pros” on our web site. It's a value at $497, and as you can see from the testimonials in the video above, the general consensus is that it's well worth it.

    It is an excellent price for the QUALITY and VALUE and really worth many times that considering  how much the knowledge could make money for you as well as prevent you from making many mistakes.

    It's a fair price.

    However, if you watched the video at the beginning of this sales letter, you know that we're going to GIVE YOU "Trade With The Pros" for FREE, just for trying (FREE for 30 days) "The DAILY STOCK REPORT".

    That's just for TRYING The Daily Stock Report. You don’t have to pay ONE CENT for either product unless you like “The Daily Stock Report” and decide that you want to continue receiving it.   

    • All you need to pay is $14.95 shipping and handling today for US Domestic, (Canada - $26.90, Foreign Orders - $38.90) so we can pay the guy to put it in the box and ship it to you.
    So what's so great about “The Daily Stock Report" that we'd be willing to give you our FLAGSHIP, a WORLD CLASS, $497 video course for FREE just to give it a try?

    How can we think its SO GOOD that we're betting our ENTIRE PROFIT on the EXPECTATION that you're going to love it so much you stick around for continued daily reports (or we don't get PAID)?

    "The Daily Stock Report" for YOU = MORE MONEY

    It will feel like you have a professional trader over your shoulder teaching and mentoring you what to do and what to be on the looking for.

    "Seven trades, seven wins, I mean ... they're legit."



    "I already made $7000 today ... using their techniques."


    "If you're going to manage your own money, this is the way to do it."


    "I just felt that Mitch was the kind of guy that wanted to help people...."


    "I really do feel like they care..."

    The DAILY STOCK REPORT isn't just a play on words - it really does provide the effect of becoming a successful trader, hopefully for thousands of people who couldn't otherwise join us.

    The fact is, there's ALWAYS something you can be doing RIGHT NOW to make more money from your trading and investing. But what do you do first? When do you do it? How do you find the time to LEARN what to do, much less DO it?

      People ask us frequently, “How do I Get started” and “How do I know when is time to stop learning and start DOING?

      The answer is, you DON'T. You never know what the right time is - so START DOING IT NOW!

      But it can be impossibly hard when the only tools we use to conduct our trading come from the same media information that the masses trade on which produce very low odds in your favor.

    So our goal in creating a Daily Stock Report publication was to provide the same great, actionable content we produce for ourselves and our elite members - but we also want to get you OUT of your box, and AWAY from the same crowd mentality  and trading practices used by the masses.

    We want to teach you Daily so that when you go online to trade, you already know what ACTIONS you'll need to get done. No Emotions, No distractions, no sidetracks.

    Read the Daily Stock Report thoroughly every day. Fill out your Action Checklist, selecting your stock picks, entry and exit prices and the strategies in each report and put it up near your desk. When you are trading throughout the day - just KEEP ON TRACK with your checklist.

    Do that EACH DAY and you just aren't going to believe how much REAL, MEASURABLE, and PROFITABLE progress you're going to make in your stock trading and investing.

    Here's what's in The Daily Stock Report (FREE to Try!)

    Again, here's the exact Table of Contents - even though we're giving you a trial of the daily stock report for FREE, we want you to see the level of quality and the amount of VALUE you can come to expect. This thing is packed with Strategies, Commentaries, and Tutorials, and it comes to you EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Without further ado, here's the rundown:
    Here are some examples of various Daily Stock Reports from the past 6 months…..

    Let’s start with a few key turning points in the market in the last several years that The Daily Stock Report clearly called out for our subscribers......

    You will get awesome market insight about each day’s stock market trading.  Here is the kind of market commentary that you can expect from The Daily Stock Report.  This was using a technique called Intermediate Trades.  Let’s look at August 20th, 2008:

    August 20, 2008 


    "BAC. Bank of America…..I think this is a process of breaking down in the financials."
    “LEH, Lehman Brothers…….this is a very negative looking chart.
    "FNM, Fannie Mae chart looking very negative."
    “FRE, Freddie Mac has a chart pattern that I call a death march…..these usually end up in bankruptcy."
    "The NASDAQ Composite looks like to me it is in the process of breaking down….."


    Bank of America was at $30 and three months later BAC was $10 and all financials broke down,
    LEH, Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy a month later in September 2008.
    FNM was at $4 at the time of this report and moved down to 16 cents four weeks later.
    FRE, Freddie Mac was at $3.25 at the time of this report and moved down to 37 cents four weeks later.
    The NASDAQ Composite dropped sharply the following 2 months by 38% since this August 20, 2008 report was issued.

    Here is a 3 day Swing Trade that had a 94% profit potential!  This was on the October 9, 2008 report…..

    October 9, 2008 


    One idea that I am seriously looking at for tomorrow’s intraday trade stock pick is shorting SKF, which is a leveraged short ETF on the financials.  So when you buy this stock, you are assuming that financial stocks will go down in price and this fund goes up.  See the video above.  If I short this SKF tomorrow, I am assuming that financial stocks will rebound.”


    The next day, the stock pick idea, SKF had a high of $205.35 and dropped almost $100 the next 3 days to $105.61 for a potential profit of 94% as a short sale or more than 300% profit if put options were purchased long.

    Here is the November 20, 2008 report when we pounded the table to be buying long the next day on many stocks.  Here is the stock list we gave for stocks to buy from.  These trades only lasted a few days and made large profits for our subscribers!

    November 20, 2008


    We are setting up for another countertrend rally which means a bull run within a long term bear market.  The last rally we went long was the October 28th through the November 4th top and then short for a couple of days but it has been heavy selling since that point.  We want to look for signs of a climactic sell-off with very high volume in individual stocks and indices.  We want to see those bids continue to drop like we saw today.  Stock prices really don’t make sense at this level because any metric that is used to evaluate price is irrelevant.  The market is irrational despair at this point.”
    “It is time to go to your highest quality stock list or your own favorites to buy long.  I’ll stick my neck out and say that tomorrow is probably the right day to start building long positions with no leverage or heavily weighted positions in sectors or in one stock.   Tomorrow should be an outstanding opportunity for intraday trades on the long side and if the market drops early in the session, the bounce will even be more powerful.  It is very likely we hit a multi-day bottom for an excellent opportunity for swing trades long.”
    Stocks to consider buying long for intraday and/or intermediate long positions tomorrow:
    *Starred and bold are favorite daily chart patterns.

    MAMasterCard XTOXTO Energy
    VVisa International XUS Steel
    KOCoca-Cola GMXRGMX Resources
    PEPPepsi *FCLFoundation Coal
    SLBSchlumberger *ACIArch Coal
    *DDDupont PTRPetro China
    *DOWDow Chemical SNPChina Pete & Chemical
    BPBritish Petroleum MOSMosaic
    COPConoco Phillips MONMonsanto
    CVXChevron POTPotash
    PGProctor & Gamble *FSLRFirst Solar
    *KKellogg *METMetLife (AGGRESSIVE)
    *BACBank of America *PRUPrudential (AGGRESSIVE)
    *WFCWells Fargo *HIGHartford Life (AGGRESSIVE)
    **JPMJP Morgan *SOLFSolarFun (AGGRESSIVE)
    *GSGoldman Sachs *ESLREvergreen Solar (AGGRESSIVE)
    AXPAmerican Express *CSIQCanadian Solar (AGGRESSIVE)
    *FCXFreeport McMoran


    The next day here is what happened with a few of the above list:
    FSLR, First Solar opened at $90.01and four days later it reached $130.80 for a potential profit of 45%.
    FCX, Freeport McMoran, opened at $19.52 and moved up 37% to $25.60 in 4 trading days.
    JPM, JP Morgan-Chase had a low of $19.69 and reached $31.93 five trading days later for a potential profit of 62%!
    WFC, Wells Fargo, hit a low of $19.89 and reached a high of $25.83 four days later for a potential profit of 45%.
    CSIQ, Canadian Solar, a speculative stock pick had a low of $3.11 the next day and went to $5.73 5 days later for a potential profit of 84%.

    March 8, 2009 (Sunday) 


    "Since we have clearly broken below the November 21st lows, the market is attempting to find a new support level in which to bounce off of. It is this bounce that we should be able to make substantial profits on the LONG side with what will likely be a powerful countertrend rally within a bear market..... The most likely scenario is we see one of these countertrend rallies start this week, possibly as early as Monday or Tuesday."


    The next day, March 9, 2009 marked the bottom in the market for the following 2 years and the S&P-500 moved up 41% in the following 3 months!

    August 2010


    We rode the bull market from late August 2010 into 2011 with many stocks like AZO, CMG, and DOZENS MORE.


    Rode the bull market from August 2010 to 2011.
    AZO, Autozone long from $208 to $270
    CMG, Chipotle Mexican Grill long from $163.490 to $250+
    SHZ, Shen Zhou Mining SHORT along with REE, MCP and other mineral stocks.

    This is the kind of stuff we are going to give you, but this is a tiny fraction of the good calls we have given to our subscribers…… I mean, I live for this—this is what we are good at!

    You see, the ideas on The Daily Stock Report are using a variety of different techniques that have holding times anywhere from a few days to a few months.  We even have a section for day traders who may hold a stock for a few hours.  Bottom line….. we will use the techniques that are making the most money for the lowest risk and when the market changes, we change our strategies.

    "The thing that is the most important is the passion these guy have for teaching us how to trade."

    "It make it where you feel more comfortable with your trading; you feel more comfortable with the decisions that you're making."

    "He really wants you to succeed, and he's telling you exactly how he does it."

    "Mitch is not interested in selling you something, he's interested in helping you to achieve something."

    "It gives me great market insight, better than I can find in anything."

    No matter what aspect of trading and investing you're currently focused on, the insights and strategies that we give every trading day will give you perspective and confidence to start making you MORE money

    You can see the extreme quality of content that goes into our DAILY STOCK REPORT, and the content is coming from the same world-class Trader who wrote Trade With The Pros and who spends hours trading and researching stocks every day.

    That stock analysis and strategies cropped, chopped, and distilled down into simple, ACTIONABLE steps - and we're going to email it to you BEFORE every single trading day

    How much is it worth to you to have every little action all mapped out for you each and every trading day?

    You can test it out during the 30 day FREE trial period (and only $97.00 per month afterwards).

    We weren't kidding. If you agree to TRY the FREE trial of "The Daily Stock Report" where you get daily stock picks, strategies, and tutorials, we're going to GIVE YOU the FULL " Trade With The Pros” for FREE, too.

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    If you DON'T like "The DAILY STOCK REPORT" - you can log into your account anytime and cancel it at ANY TIME, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    We are so confident in the quality and value of these two products, we're risking EVERYTHING we've spent developing and producing them.

    We know you're going to LOVE THEM, because you're going to USE THEM and you're going to start making MORE MONEY from your online trading RIGHT AWAY

    Once you do that, you're going to stick with "The DAILY STOCK REPORT" for a long, long time (we hope) and that way, everyone wins.

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    If you decide to cancel, which you can do so EASILY, and with NO HASSLES – you can do that ANY TIME before your next billing ($97.00 a month) very easily online.

    YES! SIGN ME UP! I want to try "The DAILY STOCK REPORT" today for FREE, Get "Trade With The Pros" for FREE, and pay ONLY $14.95 S&H today! (US Domestic - $14.95, Canada - $26.90, Foreign - $38.90)