Four DVD Set Bundle

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Trade With the Pros Course

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"Trade With the Pros" shows you how professionals look at the financial markets and why putting the odds in your favor is critical in this market. It teaches you how to look for buy and sell signals and when a stock, index or ETF is likely to turn in the other direction. Put the odds in your favor by using these techniques before you decide when to buy or sell any stock, mutual fund or ETF.

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Wizard Training Course

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The Wizard Training Course is the best way of developing the specialized knowledge for making money in the stock market. From this stock training course you will learn techniques to make money in stocks much faster and efficiently. It will literally cut years off your learning curve and will save you thousands of dollars in stock losses!

  • 10 DVD's with over 15 hours of video instruction!
  • 8 Advanced Trading Techniques!
  • Learn both short term and long term trading strategies!
  • Master the ways of making winning trades in an up or down market!
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Pre-Market Shorts

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Learn three more trading techniques that are geared toward trading techniques that show you how to use these powerful techniques. Add more tools to your toolbox! Many real-time examples are shown! ($3.99 shipping)
Advanced Scalping
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This intensive course on day trading has the power to put yoru financial status on a whole new level .... and quickly! Advanced Scalping course shows you how to make 1 to 3% profit on each trade in a matter of hours .... and you can have several trades going at the same time! You can do several trades in the morning before you go to your day job (if you still want to!).
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We offer personal coaching with Ed, a very successful trader. This service is available in 1 hour increments. Monday-Friday, 1:30 - 5:30 Pacific time.
  • $ 500.00 for TWO 60 minute sessions
  • $ 675.00 for THREE 60 minute sessions
  • $ 1000.00 for FIVE 60 minute sessions
  • $ 1500.00 for EIGHT 60 minute sessions

Contact or call 503-650-6346
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