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"I ordered his Wizard Training Course and I watched everyone on of them, one weekend with my wife. I said, 'This guy is really special. He's authentic, he's sincere, he's not killing us over the pricing, I think I want to pursue this.' And that's exactly why I continued bringing it up another notch or two".

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"I find that Mitch has a pretty good instinct for seeing trends, he's also very good at alerting people to things that are happening fast and sometimes there's a great opportunity. I find that Mitch's website really gives you more information than you could utilize. I've found that he's a supportive guy. He's in it to make everybody successful. He's putting a lot of effort in and a lot of work and you can really tell. It's done to help other folks."

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JP: "I've been trading for over 10 years and I've gone through different programs with different companies and this is a group that is very different. People who teach are genuine, they are honest, and their purpose is really to teach and is to help you get better at trading. There delivering this at a very reasonable price, compared to the industry"

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"At first I was a little bit hesitant, but once I started going through the DVD's I realized how simple it was and how effective it was. If anyone really wants to get to the next level this is the process that I would recommend and great guys to work with. I feel like this is like someone giving you a map to a treasure chest. You know, and if you just follow what they tell you to do, eventually you are going to get to that pot of gold. In my case it's been very successful, so I would definitely recommend it."

"You know, Mitch is pretty straight forward, and I think he's really honest. In his Daily Stock... More Details