LIVE Trading: Stock, Futures and Forex Workshop

October 27, 28, 29th, 2013 - Portland, Oregon

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Hi Traders!

It has been over 2 years since we had a LIVE trading workshop so we decided to teach how to trade stocks, futures and forex using Lightning Trading Software.  Mitch and Ed will be teaching October 27, 28 and 29, 2013 and this is a small group setting.

We also will be introducing our new trading software called Thunder Trader which is designed to detect the highest quality buy and sell signals for larger profit potential in futures and forex.

Make your life a lot easier and more profitable in trading.  Avoid the endless frustration with interpreting complicated charts.  Use our tools to make you more profitable with an easier workflow with more positions.

The image below is our new trading system called the Thunder Trader.  It is designed for the highest quality buy and sell signals that have higher profit potential.  The results have been excellent and as you can see, we backtest all systems in our development process to optimize for the highest performance.  [The equity curve monitor is a tool for our own use to track how the system is doing throughout the day and is not included nor necessary for your own use].

At the workshop, we will show you how to use this and give you free usage for 6 months ($898 value).  We will also provide you a separate indicator called the BuySellZones as you see on the bottom panel of the chart above, also for 6 months for free.  The BuySellZones can be applied to Lightning charts and help you identify the highest quality buy and sell signals.  You can see the green and pink shaded areas and this is the area be looking for your best buy and sell signals respectively. 

The image below is the BuySellZones indicator applied to the Lightning chart.

On this image above, do you see the sell signal with purple stripe and down arrow at top?  That is your higher quality sell signal there.

Here is a stock chart that was trending up all day Friday October 4th.  We will spend time on how to identify those like SRPT below as well  as trading reversals like TOL below.

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We will spend Monday and Tuesday morning looking for this type of trade setup in the first hour [below].

Consider using currency futures instead of forex pairs like this chart below for the Japanese Yen.  The spreads are tighter.  Nice short yesterday on this.

Here is an interesting story on the video above that is labelled New Trader Results.  My wife has been asking to teach her how to trade for the last 5-6 months and i set her up with Lightning beta vers 3 with a computer and two monitors.  I gave her a little guidance but didn't say too much.

She did well right out of the gate and I first thought it was beginner's luck but she kept on following the Lightning 3 signals and continued to gain in profits.  Look at her results on the next two images . . . 1) the equity curve and the Performance summary.

equity curve graph

performance summary  image

You can review your trades on any day or date range, specific stocks or futures or forex instruments [image below] and see your overall performance summary of profits, losses, and review markers on the chart you traded to analyze your trades to make improvements or adjustments.

Invest in Your Business

If  you follow some basic rules, a little common sense and do a lot of practice in simulator first, you will become very proficient without any losses in simulation.  And this prepares you mentally and technically when you decide you are ready to go live with your own real money.  I suggest 75-80% winning rate for 90 days would get you prepared.

So here is what you get by going to this workshop:

  • 6 months of Thunder for no charge.
  • 6 months of BuySellZones indicator .
  • training and live trading over 3 days.
  • network with other great traders [this is very important over long term].
  • settings, targets, configurations [worth the trip just on this].
  • new versions of Thunder and Lightning during use.
  • more intensive training with small group.
  • Oregon is tax free state for Christmas shopping.
  • early registrants get assigned seating (front rows to earliest registrants)
  • Follow-up online Q & A webinar on Friday, November 8th at 1:15pm pacific time.
  • guaranteed Embassy Suites Portland Airport rates of $139 if registered by Oct 11th.

Normally our 3-day events are $3,000 but Portland is our home town and our costs are substantially lower so we are lowering it to $2,395.  If you have been to a previous seminar before, or a paid Lightning subscriber for the last 3 months, or Trading Room member for the last 3 months, Top 10, Daily Stock Report annual subscriber, or Advanced Training member, then we are giving an additional $496 discount.  So the net cost is $1,899 for previous or active customers as described above.

Note that we are having an online webinar for follow-up to answer your Questions & Answers and try to address the problems you have encountered.  Make your plane reservations to Portland, OR [PDX] as soon as possible!  Come join us in Portland on October 27th! 

Mitch King & Staff

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