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We have been developing trading software for the last three years and the Lightning Trading System Beta Version 3 is now being released to the public for the first time!  Learn how to trade the easy way with Lightning Trading System by  Get buy and sell signals on any stock, futures, and foreign currency pairs (Forex) with audio and visual alerts.  Learn when to be LONG, SHORT or out of the market.

BUY on GREEN and SELL on RED.  This example here below is Lightning for Stocks on an initial short position and then a long position.  The short had a potential profit of over 13% and the long was 5.3% which was pointed out in our Trading Room for day traders.


What the Lightning Trading System is good at is giving you consistently good signals on stocks, futures and forex day in and day out.  It is easy to interpret what you should be doing and if you have your eyes on one chart you will hear audio alerts on other charts so you can monitor other stocks and futures/forex instruments for potential trade setups.

This allows you to manage more open positions at the same time and process your workflow easier with less stress.  Our small group of beta users say the biggest advantage Lightning has given them is better exits points which all the pros know that is where the most money is made -- knowing when to sell!


Here is another example  [above] on a stock called WLT, Walter Energy, that gave an 11% short and a nice bounce after that.  This is a day trade.

Here [above] is a longer term chart where you can see where Apple Computer [AAPL] had the beginning of a move in July 2009 from the $100 area to over $700 three years later.  Lightning Trading System can be used to identify longer term buy and sell signals too, not just day trades.

Below is another chart for AAPL identifying the big downtrend from $700 in September 2012 to under $400 in April 2013.  By changing the time interval in this case to a weekly chart you can see the clear sell signal in the pink stripe.

Lightning Works Great On Futures and Forex

Below is an example of a futures contract on CL, Light Sweet Crude that gives a buy signal circled in green and a sell signal circled in red for a 30 tick profit followed by a short of another 30 tick profit, all in 15 minutes.


Here is a futures contract with Natural Gas [NG 10-13] using three contracts in a trade..  This is an example showing how you can use profit targets and you can see the first contract sold in the black circled line and then the 2nd contract sold at a higher profit target and finally the third contract was held for hours as NG 10-13 continued to trend up throughout the whole regular trading day.  On the bottom of the chart shows the profit was just about $1000 for the day for those three contracts on NG 10-13 (PROFITS NOT GUARANTEED!).

For the Foreign exchange (Forex) traders that want a slower chart interval, below is chart set on 3 min time interval and gave a buy signal on $USDJPY, US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen, which has been very active lately.  Typically, the Forex is a longer term position and you can have these types of positions open while you trade more active instruments or even stocks.  You get an audio alert on each chart that you can control and when you hear a closing signal, then you take action.  Lightning Trading System allows you to have a higher workload without increasing stress = more profits at end of day.


Below is a chart for the Euro futures contract 6E, which I like to trade instead of a Euro pair because the spread is usually tighter between the bid and ask price.  Excellent buy and sell signals using the Lightning Bars developed by

We developed Lightning on NinjaTrader's platform and there are a lot of features you can use to help you learn.  One of the most important feature is the simulator that allows you to learn using a practice account on virtual money to develop your skills before using real money.  "Practice makes perfect" and this saying is true when learning how to trade early in your career as well as trying out new instruments or indicators or systems for the first time.

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Cool Tools . . . .

You get all these tools with the Lightning Trading System and Ninja Trader's platform.  Below here is the Chart Trader that you can enter and manage your stop and profit targets of your trades on simulator real-time trades.  I personally like the Chart Trader myself over the SuperDom below but use what you are comfortable with and works for you!

You can link 25 different brokerage firms directly with the NinjaTrader's platform and all your orders can go directly through these two tools below, the Chart Trader or the SuperDOM.  Or if you want to use Lightning Trading System as to the timing of your buy and sell signals, enter your own trades on any brokerage firm you like. 




  • This is Ninja's SuperDOM that many traders like. [I like the Chart Trader myself].
  • Easy to see trade visualization.
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation.
  • Can be used with Advanced Trade Management (ATM) module.

Review your trades at the end of the day and then look at a summary performance of your trades whether you used a simulator or actual performance with real money. It is good to keep a record of all your day's performance with notes of each day, sort of like a diary. See grid below with 4.07 profit factor, winning rate of 70% and $4,150 profit.



How are you deciding when to buy and sell now?

Most people are overconfident in their ability when they decide to learn how to trade and studies show that people are unprepared with trading.  Why lose a lot of your hard earned money without a system like this?  Learn how to trade properly with the right tools and practice exact entries and exits with the Lightning Trading System.  This is the fastest and lowest cost method at making money in trading, period!

What is it worth to get trade signals on the instruments you trade?  Or for you more serious traders, what would it mean to be able to handle a higher workload with lower stress?

That is what the Lightning Trading System does. It tells you what side of the trade you should be on and allows you to trade multiple positions at the same time and monitor them with less stress and less emotion.  You will hear different alert sounds based on price levels or buy and sell signals. 

Imagine opening a Forex trade that you think will make money but takes longer to reach the closing signal.  And at the same time you want to open a futures trade like natural gas or crude oil or even a stock.  What you do is open a chart for each instrument that you want to trade and open a position and just wait for an audio signal or a visual listing of a signal on the central alert window (see below).  The green lines are buy signals and pink is a sell signal.  These were alerts from CL - Light Sweet Crude and GC, [gold futures].


Normally most people have to just look at one instrument or stock at a time and can be difficult to monitor 3 or 4 open positions at the same time but with Lightning you could have multiple positions open, take high probability trade signals and monitor them to their full completion.

Knowing When to Sell is More Important Than Knowing When to Buy!

Anyone who has been around trading for a while knows that you make most of your money by knowing when to sell.  It is easier for traders to learn when to open a position but it is more difficult to know when to sell when you have all the emotions of greed and fear roaming around your head so most people tend to close a position way too early. Lightning Trading System gives you optimum signals to close the trade.

There are many ways to use Lightning and apply it to your existing style.  Take your time when learning and use a simulator before using real money anytime you try a new method or tool.  You can add your own favorite indicators like the volume or moving averages like the chart below.  You will have access to and be able to change the settings of our own proprietary candles called Lightning Bars (see settings on upper left).

The image below is a backtest showing if we took every Lightning signal both buy and sell signal with CL, Light Sweet Crude.  We DO NOT suggest to trade every signal but the purpose of this Performance Summary is to show you the validity and accuracy of MOST of the buy and sell signals.  Nothing is 100% accurate but this is clearly very good.

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We'll teach you how to trade stocks, futures and forex our way . . . . using the Lightning Trading System.  We will show you how to trade stocks, futures and forex.  It will be the same as if you went to a seminar but it is a lot cheaper because you can watch the training videos online as often as you want as well as any live Lightning webinars.  You will see exactly how to trade these signals and make money.

Here's what you get . . . .

  • You get unlimited access to our Lightning video library.
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  • We'll also give you THREE weeks for free to use Lightning before a monthly charge of the following:
  • Lightning for Stocks $149.99 a month.
  • Lightning for FuturesForex at $149.99 a month.
  • or Lightning Combo (both) for $249.99 a month.
  • World class customer service!

If you have always wanted to learn how to trade futures or forex, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn at a low cost.  And with a tool that has no equal!  We want you to be successful in trading and this gives you the best chance to be consistently profitable.
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