Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is offers a full range of investor education products and services that provide lifelong learning and support to self-directed investors to help improve their investment performance. The Wizard Training Course is a video training course on 10 DVD’s with a color workbook. The Wizard Training Course is designed to teach both experienced and beginning investors how to successfully trade the stock market. also offers a large selection of additional training tutorial videos, a daily stock pick newsletter, training seminarsand access to a professional trading room.

2. What if I have never traded a stock before?
You do not need experience as a stock investor to take our courses. They are developed to give you the information you need to start trading.

3. What if I am very experienced at trading? Is this for me? offers beginning, intermediate and advanced training materials. The Wizard Training Course has trading techniques that are very powerful. If you have not used stock charts in your trading so far, this is a must have training course. The Trading Room gives outstanding stock picks throughout the day real-time so that is very useful for both experienced and beginning traders.

4. What exactly do I get with The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter?
The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter subscription will give you a newsletter 5 days a week in text and video. There are tutorial videos integrated with the newsletters as well as additional tools in the members area. You can also view videos that were posted from previous newsletters.

5. How much time will it take to invest and manage my investments?
Your personal motivation, lifestyle, and investing style will determine how much time you can to devote to your investing. The more active you are in your investing, the better results that you are likely to achieve. The investing strategies and stock picks given in both The Wizard Training Course and The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter can be used to spend a few minutes a day entering an order or you could be a full time investor/trader if you desire.

6. Am I committing myself to appointments?
No, you can complete all of our Online Courses on your own schedule.

7. Do you offer any additional products or services?
We have DVD training courses available here. We also have The Trading Room which gives real-time stock picks for all styles of trading from intraday trades (also known as day trading), swing trades, intermediate term trades (weeks to months), stock options, and short selling stock picks. We continue to develop additional educational courses that may help advanced your education.

8. What is the difference between Private Coaching and Trading Rooms?
In our Private Coaching Program, you can request one-to-one help from our staff coaches via e-mail, phone or Live Chat. By contrast, our Trading Rooms are live multimedia presentations that are delivered directly to your Web browser. Instead of talking to coaches on the phone and listening to them describe something on the screen, Trading Rooms allow you to see exactly what the coaches are referring to, because you can see their screens in real time.

9. Do you have a software program that will tell me what stocks to buy?
No, currently does not have software yet that will tell you what to buy but that is under development. provides the training on how to use and interpret such software packages that are available from your brokerage firm.

10. Can my spouse take the seminar with me?
Yes, you may use the Wizard Training Course, The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter and seminars together as well. However, only one user name and password will be issued with the subscriptions.

11. Are there any tests I have to take prior to enrolling in one of your programs?
No, you do not need to complete any tests before enrolling in our programs.

12. Will this course earn me any kind of degree or college credit?
No, is not an accredited university.

13. Are course materials sent in the mail?
If you purchase the DVD version of the Wizard Training Course, it will be shipped via UPS or US Priority Mail. Otherwise, all other course materials are available via Online, where you can find archived live sessions and much more, depending on the course or program for which you have registered. Your user name and password are sent via e-mail when you subscribe to the Daily Stock Picks Newsletter.

14. How does your money back guarantee work?
If you purchase the Wizard Training Course, it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you subscribe to The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter online, you will receive a 14 day FREE trial during which if you cancel during that time no charges will be made to your credit card. If you decide to cancel once your subscription begins after that 14 day FREE trial, you will receive the newsletters for that full month and then no further charges will be made to your credit card.

15. What do I do if a friend referred me?
If a friend referred you to and you would like them to receive the referral bonus, you may contact the referrals department at

16. What happens when I hit Submit on the purchase form?
Your order is submitted. Pending the approval of your credit card, you will receive an e-mail with your user name and password within an hour of the charge.

17. Do you charge my credit card right away?
When you subscribe to The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter, your credit card will not be charged during the 14 day FREE trial, and then a $97 charge will be made for that month of newsletters. For The Wizard Training Course, you will be charged upon checkout on the website but you will have a 30 day return policy.

18. Do I get access to the course immediately?
Pending the approval of your credit card, you will receive an e-mail with your login and password within an hour of the charge. This gives you access to the course. We will process the order within 24 hours and send The Wizard Training Course via US Priority Mail or UPS.

19. What forms of payment can I use?
You may use a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or eCheck.

20. How does your Money-Back Guarantee Work?
Students who purchase online receive a 30-day, money-back guarantee. To cancel, notify us of your decision within 30 days of when you completed the online enrollment process. If you do not cancel your subscription within the initial cancellation period, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee plus applicable taxes until the subscription period expires.

21. Do I need an Internet connection?
Yes, an Internet connection is required. Broadband is necessary for certain components of your education. The Wizard Training Course on DVD does not require an internet connection but you will need an internet connection for all other products and services, including accessing your online brokerage account and making trades online.

22. Do I need a brokerage account?
Yes, you will need a brokerage account to invest in the stock market. The 5 largest online brokers are Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Etrade and Scottrade. There are a handful of other firms available as well.

23. Which brokerage firm should I use?
Our preferred trading platform is NinjaTrader and can be downloaded for free here.

The largest online brokers are Schwab, Fidelity, Etrade, TD Ameritrade and Scottrade but there are other firms that have lower commissions and excellent execution. TradeStation and Interactive Brokers are very good too with excellent commission rates on both stocks, options, futures and forex. TradeStation has good charting and trading platform features.